I grew up in Clifton springs and I graduated from Finger Lakes Community College with two associate’s degrees, one in graphic design and the other in fine arts. I went to further my education and to really push myself and try to understand what really makes a design work or not work. I still try to challenge myself and push my art forward, something I think I’ll always strive for.


I was drawn to tattooing because I love being able to create art and tattooing is a way for me to make art for people and myself. I also love to be able to have the time to make my own art. I love printmaking for example, and just experimenting with other mediums in general.


My favorite style to tattooing is American Traditional/ Neo Traditional. I feel that they stand the test of time in the skin and hold better than some other styles. I want to strive and push myself to master all things tattooing because in my eyes it is one of the most beautiful forms of art there is.